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Congratulations on your purchase of a Uniden GMRS/FRS
radio. This lightweight, palm-sized radio is a state-of-the-art
device, equipped with many valuable features. Use it at
sporting events, to stay in contact with family and friends,
hiking, skiing, outdoors, or in a neighborhood watch for vital
• 15 GMRS/7 FRS
• Battery Charger
• 121 Privacy Codes • Silent Mode
• Up to 30-Mile Range* • microUSB charging jack
• Channel Scan • 10 Selectable Call Tone
• VOX Headset Jack • Auto Squelch
• Roger Beep
* Range may vary depending on environmental and/or
topographical conditions.


1 Antenna 7 Speaker
2 USB Charge Port/
Headphone Jack
8 Channel and Volume
3 Push to Talk 9 Backlight
4 Microphone 10 CH/LOCK
5 MENU/Power 11 Screen


Your package contains 2 radios, 6 AA
rechargeable NiMH batteries, one AC adapter/
Y-Split microUSB charge cable, 2 belt clips, and
this reference guide.
Visit our web site at www.uniden.com to order
Use only Uniden accessories.
The radio operates on the General Mobile
Radio Service (GMRS) frequencies which
require a Federal Communications Commission
license to operate. For licensing information
and application forms, visit the FCC on-line at:
www.fcc.gov/wtb/uls or call the FCC hotline at
1-800-418-3676. If you have any questions you
can contact the FCC direct at 1-888-225-5322.
Each radio uses 3 AA rechargeable NiMH
batteries (included).
To install the batteries:
1. If installed, remove the belt clip.
2. Remove the battery compartment door by
pressing on the latch and releasing the
cover. Remove it.
3. Install the supplied 3 AA NiMH batteries
into the battery compartment. Be certain
to follow the + and – symbols in the
compartment. Installing the batteries
incorrectly will prevent the unit from
4. Replace the battery compartment door.
5. Replace the belt clip if necessary.
6. Repeat for each radio.
Note: You may also use 3 AA non-rechargeable
alkaline batteries in each radio.
However, do not mix NiMH and alkaline
batteries in the same radio.


Review the following tips before charging your
CAUTION: Do not attempt to recharge
alkaline batteries. Doing so can
create a safety hazard or damage the
• Install the batteries before connecting the AC
adapter to the radio and power source.
• The battery icon flashes while the radio
charges, whether the radio is turned on or
not. The charge stops after 14 hours of
continuous charging. If there is a power
interruption, the charging timer resets to 14
hours. If the radio is off and charging stops,
the battery icon stops flashing.
• Charge time may vary depending on the
battery life remaining. For fastest charging,
turn off the radio before charging.
• If battery power is low, you cannot operate
the radio even using external power. If you
try to transmit while power is low, the radio



will automatically turn off. Recharge the
GMR3050-2C charges through a microUSB
Y-branch cable (provided) with an AC adapter
end that plugs into an AC power source.
1. Plug one branch of the microUSB Y-Cable
into each radio's microUSB charge port.
2. Insert the AC adapter end into an AC power
source (wall plug).
3. The radio is fully charged when the battery
charging icon stops flashing.


Turning the Radio On and Adjusting the
1. Press and hold the MENU/ key to turn
the radio ON.
2. To change the volume level, press the
or key to increase or decrease the
volume level. There are 8 volume levels (L1
- L8) plus volume off (L0)
3. Press and hold the MENU/ key to turn
the radio OFF.
Using Headphones
Your radio has a headphone jack to support
earphones/earbuds (not included). Using the
earbuds lets you have more private
communications. To use headphones/earbuds,
lift the rubber cover from the headset jack, then
plug in the headphones/earbuds.
Important: Your radio is not weather resistant
when using the headset jack. When you remove
the headphones/earbuds, be sure to fully press
the cover into place to restore the radio's
weather resistant capability.
Using the Menu
Press MENU/ to access the three menu
• Privacy Code (121 codes). The privacy codes
display underneath the channel number on
the screen.
• Call Tone (10 call tone options plus Off)
• VOX (5 levels plus Off)
Each menu option is discussed later in the
manual with the feature that uses it.
Choosing a Channel
Your radio has 22 channels you can use to talk
to others. In order to speak to someone, each of
you must be set to the same channel and privacy
Each of the channels 1-22 may have any one of
the privacy codes, 0 (OFF), or 1-121 selected.
Code oF (OFF) indicates no privacy code
selected and your radio can receive a signal
regardless of the code settings of the transmitting
To choose a privacy code:
1. Press MENU/ until the privacy code
number flashes below the channel number.
2. Press or to cycle through the privacy
3. The radio returns to its normal state after
about 5 seconds.
To choose a channel:
1. Press the CH/LOCK key to access the
channel function; the channel number
2. Press▲or▼tomanuallycyclethrough
the channels.
You can only manually cycle through channels
when the channel numbers are flashing.
3. Press CH/LOCK to set the channel.
VOX Feature
CAUTION: Insert headphones into the radio
BEFORE turning on the radio.
Your radio is equipped with a user selectable
Voice Operated Transmitter (VOX) that can be
used for automatic voice transmissions. The
VOX feature is designed to be used with or
without a headset with a microphone.
Transmission is initiated by speaking into the
microphone instead of pressing PTT.
To select a VOX level:
1. Press MENU/ repeatedly until the vox
icon and the VOX sensitivity level (OFF,
1-5) blink.
2. Press or to change the VOX
sensitivity levels. Use level 5 for increased
sensitivity to voice in normally quiet
environments, and use a higher level to
reduce undesired activation in very noisy
Channel Scan Feature
Your radio has a channel scan feature that allows
you to easily scan all 22 channels. When an
active channel is detected, the unit pauses on
that channel until the channel is clear. Then, after
a 2 second delay, the radio continues scanning.
Press CH/LOCK to resume scanning while the
radio is stopped on an active channel.
When it stops on an active channel, press the
PTT button to transmit on that channel.
Using channel scan
Press CH/LOCK then hold ▼or▲for3
seconds. The radio will repeatedly cycle
through all 22 channels. To reverse scan
direction, press the other directional icon.
Press MENU/ or CALL/MON to stop
Silent Mode
Silent mode turns off all key beeps when it is
turned on. It does NOT mute call or voice signals
Change Silent mode status (OFF or ON) by first
turning OFF the radio.
• Turn Silent mode off by pressing the MENU/
key to turn the radio ON. Silent mode is off and
key beeps sound. (Default)
• Turn Silent mode on by pressing the CALL/MON and
MENU/ keys to turn the radio back ON. Silent
mode turns on and no key beeps sound.
Talking on Your Radio
When the radio stops on a channel that is transmitting,
you can talk to others on that channel:
1. Press and hold the PTT button and speak in a
clear, normal voice about 2-3 inches away from
the microphone on the earbud cord. (The tx icon
displays while you are transmitting. Pause slightly
after pressing the PTT button before you start
talking to prevent cutting off your transmission.)
2. When you are finished speaking, release the PTT
button. You can now receive incoming calls. While
receiving, the rx icon displays.
Transmitting a Call Alert Tone
Your radio is equipped with a call tone that will be
transmitted when the CALL/MON key is pressed. You
can select from 10 call tones.
1. Press MENU/ until call displays on the screen
and the call tone number displays.
2. Press or to cycle through the call tones. A
sample of the tone sounds as you move through
3. The radio returns to its normal state after about 5
To transmit the call tone, press the CALL/MON key.
Auto Squelch Feature
The radio is equipped with an automatic squelch
system which shuts off weak transmissions and
unwanted noise due to terrain conditions or range
Monitor Mode Feature
Your radio allows you to listen for weak signals on the
current channel at the press of a key.
To turn ON Monitor Mode:
Press and hold CALL/MON for 2 seconds. On a
channel that does not have activity, you will hear only
an open-squelch hissing noise and rx displays.
To turn OFF Monitor Mode:
Press the CALL/MON key for 2 seconds again.rx
does not display.
Press and hold to turn on the LCD backlight. The
screen stays illuminated for 10 seconds before the
backlight turns off.
Key Lock
1. Press and hold CH/LOCK; displays. The
following functions are not affected by Key Lock:
• Volume adjust
• Enter monitor mode
• PTT transmission


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Ապրանքանիշ Uniden
Մոդել GMR3050-2C
Ապրանք Ռադիո
EAN 0050633101865
Լեզու Անգլերեն
Ֆայլի տեսակ Օգտագործողի ձեռնարկ (PDF)
Technical details
Tones quantity 10
Product colour Black,Grey
Maximum range 48280 m
Channels quantity 22 channels
Operating frequency 462.5500 - 467.7125 MHz
Packaging content
Belt clip
Battery type AA
Number of batteries supported 3
Battery technology Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)
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